The primary medium in my artwork is glass. My work ranges from small table-top pieces to large scale sculptural and architectural installations. It includes blown glass vessels, wall-mounted and free-standing sculpture, and leaded glass architectural panels. In my blown glass work, I attempt to create a sense of space and dimensionality in the surfaces of the pieces.  Using the traditional processes of vessel-forming, I apply layers of color to create organic imagery, like peering into a thicket of trees and vines, or an undersea landscape, or looking through a microscope at cellular structures. In my larger scale sculptural work, with the blown glass, it is necessary to think in terms of components, because there is a definite limit to how big an individual blown glass piece can be. Therefore, there is a lot of metal-work, which provides the support structure for the glass components. The metal also becomes a design element, and I like to manipulate the metal by heating and bending and forging to give it a handmade feel.

With my leaded glass work, I am translating drawing and painting into a functional glass panel, which can be used as a window, door, or a screen. I combine commercially available sheet glass with glass that I make in my studio, to create abstract compositions.


Architectural Leaded Glass
Sculptural Projects
Glass Tile Murals
Autonomous Studio Work

My autonomous artwork is a discovery process; I am always experimenting with new ideas and techniques. There are successes and failures in this approach, but, either way, I continue to be curious.


Jim Bowman and Mary Lynn Devereux-Bowman  |  

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Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Texas Blown Glass, Kiln-Formed Glass, Steel 8'h x 16'w x 8'd